2020-2021 Basketball Health Screening

Required for each participant for each team activity.

UpdatedSunday January 17, 2021 byKristin Davis.

Thank you for participating in the 2020-2021 CYM Basketball Season.  Prior to attending any tryout, practice, or game all players and coaches must complete a Health Screening Questionnaire.  This is in accordance with regulations and procedures from CYM for the season.  A new screening must be completed for each team activity in order for us to have the information readily available should it be requested by the Diocese and Division of Public Health. 

A parent or guardian must answer the linked Health Screening Questionnaire before the player may participate in the upcoming event.  Each form will be date and timed stamped with your results so we can insure that we have accurate information for each activity.  Be sure to complete the appropriate screening for your team, as they are directly sent to the coaches. 

Please remember, athletes/coaches with any of these symptoms (temperature about 100.4, sore throat, nausea, cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms of respiratory infection) should not attend tryouts/practices/games.

The health and safety of our athletes and their families is top priority.  Please abide by all regulations in order to help keep our kids playing in the safest way possible.

Please take care to fill out the form for the appriopriate team for your player/s:

Varsity Boys (Grades 7&8, Coach Raymond):   https://forms.gle/UdXBVZbERMzr6Hcu6

Varsity Boys (Grades 7&8,Coach Piekarski):  https://forms.gle/Fs5yhPuKhUAnL7mL9

Varsity Girls (Grades 7&8,Coach Rutkowski):  https://forms.gle/QBdj7eDnkCFVx7vF9

JV Boys (Grades 5&6, Coach Pankowski):  https://forms.gle/TXkmPxKQihsiV6Gd7

JV Boys 2 (Grades 5&6, Coach Elwood):  https://forms.gle/NN6HdqZh1eT69zga8

JV Boys 3 (Grades, 5&6), Coach Dunning):  https://forms.gle/duPDuUYkjPQz6orP6

JV Girls (Grades 5&6, Coach Prado):  https://forms.gle/FfXoumtiAWbiF8BEA

Jr JV Boys 1 (Grades 3&4, Coach Davis):  https://forms.gle/bgJMGpSU4fRQEzvM6

Jr JV Boys 2 (Grades 3&4, Coach Zickgraf):  https://forms.gle/sTthYrRRASm8agLf6

Jr JV Girls (Grades 3&4, Coach Britton):  https://forms.gle/RxdbWp8ErgSbwabi8

Senior League Boys (Grades 9-12, Coach Kelley):  https://forms.gle/rM6sGCXtra2vtyUn9

If you have any issues with these links, please contact your coaching staff or the Athletic Association as soon as possible. 

Athletic Association:  stelizabethathleticassoc@gmail.com